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New York's Finest - NY -When I heard how loud Lady Tornado was I had to have Storm built and I'm glad I did.

GIGGLES - PA - As you guys already know i recieved my Large Rain Drop antenna today. The first thing that came to my mind as well as my mouth was "d@mn it's big" then Klondike put it on my car. I flipped on my radio, keyed up the mic and wow the difference from my wilson 5000. I guess you could say that it is a perfect fit for my 1989 subaru xt {aka the beer can on wheels} LOL, and it sure talks great. You will know what i mean when you see the pictures and you'll be able to hear what i mean when the conditions improve. Hey I think I sound better then Mr.Klondike. You guys are the greatest. I also love my Med Breeze It makes me really LOUD. Thanks you guys.

NO NAME - My partner and I made a short trip together recently. He with his Wilson 5000 and me with my new large Raindrop. I was shooting a lot of skip on the way and wondered why my partner wasn't joining in on the conversations. Finally he told me. He couldn't hear any of them. Glad I finally got off that Wilson.

ROAD HOG - Molena, Georgia- Hey Cathi & Don, Got the flat wound Raindrop you built me. Am extremely impressed with the construction, but mostly with the preformance! I've tried almost every antenna on the market and needless to say my trash man is going to get several antenna's. Compared to a wilson 2000, well there is no comparison. The receive is unbelieveable and reports on transmit are equal. I'm hearing things I've never heard before. This antenna has my highest endorsment. Superb craftsmanship and unequaled performance. Phil

HOWLIN' WOLF - MO -wanted to thank 313 for the best antenna i've ever owned

ICE MAN - Stanford University, California I put my new Flatline up against a Mr. Coily antenna and everyone told us they couldn't hear the Mr. Coily setup when I was keyed up.

29 - Southeast Texas- Hello, just wanted to say thanks for a really GREAT antenna, it really put my mag 1000 on the shelf. The swrs were easy to set 1.1 and this is with every thing in line. As we all know it all starts with having a very good antenna system and I now have one of the best in my opinion. Again thanks a million for the courteousness and the Large Raindrop antenna. Screamin Eagle


151 - Indiana - I just got my Flatline,and it was exactly what I wanted, wave length was right on the money(perfect)! I tested it against my wilson 5000 and 102" ss whip. The vswr was very good I got 1:1.1 on my home ch.27. and as far as talking, it's "like being on a base". It stomps a big ole hole in wilsons @$$. My signal was normally 2-3 times as strong with the Flatline ant. and hear stations I never heard before in my truck! On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 30+ (in the red) as they said!!! Thanks for a killer antenna. Silver Bullet

191 - California - Hey I just want to let you know that I am very very very happy with your Scorcher amp that I ordered last month! It kicks butt man.

281 - TEXAS - Received my antenna Cathi -- and WOW! Its like your first pair of glasses! You wonder where all that "stuff" out there came from! I am most impressed -- and to think I only paid about $35 bucks or so more than I did for the Wilson 1000 that just went into the trash.

531 Spider - New York - the Large Raindrop is THE BEST, it is a real kick ass antenna. I can't believe the quality of your work. we are telling all our cb friends about you. As i said 722 and I hooked up the antenna this am, 722 put the meter to it and the SWR's were not even at one, he was screaming "its flat, the damn thing is flat, i can't believe it". I can't believe how much better i get out with your antenna.

636 Prime Time - Georgia - Storm, I received my antenna yesterday, and so far everything is super fine. I didn't have to make any adjustment to set the SWR. It fell right in place on CH 1 and CH 40. This is the first coil antenna that I've owned that didn't have a problem with the SWR. All the others I have, the lowest I can get the SWR is 1.4, and I have over $400.00 in different coil antennas. So far Storm, your antenna is the very best.


Beeper - FLORIDA I run a Flatline 7-M on my new 4 X 4. My business takes me to elite subdivisions so my truck has to look good. I want to be able to talk and hear, too. With my Flatline, I get both. (Beeper passed away last year at the untimely age of 41. He will forever remain in our hearts.)

Big Block - FLORIDA - I drove all the way to Chicago from Florida and back, with my Storm Flatline 3-L and it heard everywhere, talked everywhere, and got lots of compliments.

Body Snatcher & Turbo - FLORIDA - Our new Storm Flatline antenna produced the same signal barefoot as our Wilson did with power. When we added our Storm Scorcher, we doubled the signal and put a comparible "store bought" unit in the mud!

Broken Arrow & Cat Doctor - ALABAMA - I got the Flatline on my truck it has a swr of 1.3 with the amp off and with the amp on my swr is 1.5. I think the Flatline ant is the best I have seen. As you know my brother and I ordered one for his truck and one for mine and we live about 25 miles apart. When we got the Flatlines on our trucks we talked all the way. I was sitting in my yard and he was in his yard and we had no problem hearing each other. We had run steel whips for years but nothing beats a Flatline. Thanks. Bobby and Randy Jacksonville Alabama

Columbian Gold - FLORIDA - I bought a Flatline antenna from you on Xmas eve. Last night I was at the intersection of Cortez & 41 in Bradenton, and there was a trucker just coming off the north end of the Sky Way bridge. I was talking to him and giving him a 10db over s9 signal, and as you know, all I run is that TRC-474 barefoot with a power mike. About a block further south of me was a base station running about 200 watts and a A99 antenna about 25 feet in the air, and she was giving the trucker, if you can believe this , and s8. She accused me of running megawatts. She refused to believe that I was barefoot, because anywhere I went in town I was pretty much pinning her needle. Everyone that I talk to on the radio gives me nothing but compliments on my new Flatline. Thanx

Crazy - OHIO - I am very pleased with my Storm Heat Wave. The locals don't know what to think.

Cyclone - FLORIDA - I've tried all the antennas from Anttron to Wilson to Firestik. The few that stayed in one piece, performed half as well as my new custom made Flatline 9-S. Not to mention, it's the baddest looking ear in town....

Dangerous - FLORIDA - I wonder how many people I was making the trip to, but couldn't hear with my Wilson. I can hear 50 miles away now with my Flatline 5-LT. And we all know that's not skip. I talk skip without even trying.

Gold Star - OTR driver (home in Florida) - You'll here me way before you see me coming down the road. The Flatline works very well for me. I have run lots of other Antenna's and they just don't work like the Flatline does. They call me Gold Star running between California & Florida. The locals call me Vern. All in all the Flatline has worked very well under all conditions: rain,snow and high wind storms. Thanks Dust Storm for a great antenna. Gold Star

Horsepower - MASSACHUSETTS - I ran two Flatline 7-M's on my KW. Now they're on my Peterbuilt. They're tough as nails. I go wherever I want. What a deal.

Jabber Jaws - FLORIDA - I drive daily in my rock truck with 2 Flatline 7-S antennas. People think I'm running power, when I'm not. I can talk anywhere I want, barefoot!

Koolaid - MONTANA Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! I talked on the big boys channels 26.915 then tonite when all was quiet i was surfin the channels and heard two truckers talking. I asked them where they were and replied westbound on 528. wheres that i asked? canada. about 60 miles away from where i was and they said i was rippin up there:} i'm loud and proud and thers a big ol "storm" up in montana. thanks Don&Cathi especially for lining up my radio and fixin it for me and i'll be sure to tell everyone i'm runnin "storm built" 73's to the loud crowd

Lightkeeper - FLORIDA- I had the first Flatline Flip-Around (flat on bottom and round on top) storm made I also had just a round coil and just a Flatline 7-S. They both worked very well but when you put them together watch out!! I have a 1 driving 4 pill, Cyclone, in my truck and I can talk to Maine,Ohio,Mich.,Texas,New Mexico,and many more.It's great I really love my double coil.Thanks Storm and L.T. P.S. Of course Storm made my Amp too. Lightkeeper

Mongoose - OHIO - I've had a chance to try out my new Flatline 3+3 antenna, and man what can I say? I changed from a 102" s.s. whip and I now hear farther and there's been a noticeable increase in my transmit audio. It looks great on my pick-im-up too, and I couldnt believe my eyes when my swr meter didn't even move, even with the linear on. GREAT JOB STORM !!

Mr. Goodwrench - FLORIDA - I have spent hundreds of dollars on other equipment but nothing can compare to the Flatline antenna and Tidal Wave that I had Storm make for me. I can get out and talk to anybody anywhere now and I'm loud. I found out the hard way that no one can make performance like Storm.

Mr. Klondike - PENNSYLVANIA - I'd like to say that Scorcher L is killer. The other drivers on the road know when I'm around!

Rascal from the Mini Grass - HAWAII - We are owners of almost every mobile antenna there is today, and none of them can compare to our Flatline F7M antenna in performance or quality. The Flatline antenna's smoke !

Rick - CALIFORNIA - I want to thank you for being so customer oriented. It is rare to find a company like yours that thinks about what is best for your customers.

R.W. - FLORIDA - My company cell phone bill dropped 75% the first month after I had Storm equipment installed. Never a problem contacting my crew.

59 - FL - Storm rebuilt my Texas Star 1, 4 and 8 pill, over a 2 years ago, and they are all running top shelf. I've run several Flatlines. They are all great antennas. I get compliments on my system everyday. Thanks Storm!